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ELCA World Hunger Advent Study 2022

Through the Advent Season this year, we will be sharing daily prayers and weekly devotions from ELCA World Hunger, a ministry supported by our national church to help all people across the globe have enough food to eat and clean water to drink.

You can follow these prayers and devotions on our Facebook page, or by clicking the links on this page.

Many blessings to you and yours during this festive and holy time of year. May you know the love of God, brought down to earth in the form of Christ the child!

Advent Study 2022.png

To download the four week devotional, please

Click Here

To download daily prayers, please

Click Here

For suggestion of how use devotional and daily prayers,

Click Here

To be taken to our Facebook page, where you can see the devotions and prayers as daily posts,

Click Here

If your devotional time prompts you to give through ELCA World Hunger, you can find the Good Gifts Catalogue online.


Please consider giving to this incredible program. Many lives have been positively affected by the gifts given through this program!

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