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Maundy Thursday

Peace Lutheran Church

On Maundy Thursday we remember the night when Jesus gathered with his disciples in an upper room where they celebrated the Passover meal. Jesus instituted what we now know as Communion and told his disciples to eat and drink of this meal of bread and wine to remember him. Then in a radical act of love and service Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and commanded his disciples and us to love others in the way that Jesus loved us. This is where we get the name for today- the word Maundy comes from a Latin word meaning “commandment.” Today we reflect on how Jesus has loved and served us and how we can do the same for others.
We invite you to engage with any or all of the following practices as a way of remembering and reflecting on Maundy Thursday. Read through this and decide which parts of this will be meaningful for you and/or your family and then gather all the supplies you will need.

The Valley Song

Bind Us Together

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