A word from congregation member Elaine Shong

During the summer when I read the Newsletter from Lutheran World Relief I became concerned with their need for school kits. Many of the same countries they send quilts, they also try to send school kits. Many families are very poor. It takes all their income to feed their family, with not enough left to buy supplies so the children can go to school. The children cannot attend school unless they bring their own supplies. This is hard for me to imagine!! I asked the Quilters if we could do something about it. They agreed we should. So the Quilters have committed to helping to fill the need that LWR has for school kits. I met with the Mission and Service Committee and explained the situation, they agreed to help. There is a display of what school kits are on the shelf above the stairs in the meeting area outside the sanctuary. There is a gray plastic tub under the coat rack to hold the supplies everyone will want to bring to help. There are supply lists in the display. The quilters will make the backpack bags that are needed to hold the supplies for each child, although we will appreciate any other sewers who would like to help. I am hoping to make at least 20 filled school kits, which will be sent to the Minneapolis LWR office in May when the quilts are sent.

Thank you for helping, 

Elaine Shong

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